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Egg stamping ink EU

Egg stamping ink EU

Egg stamping ink EU

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Marking ink for eggs. Developed to meet current EU Guidelines.
Available immediately.

Marking ink for eggs developed to meet current EU Guidelines.
Only pigments are used which are listed in 94/36/EG Article 2, Section (9) and Appendix 1. All other contents are also listed.

It provides intensely coloured imprints and dries quickly so that immediately adhering stamp impressions are possible that do not rub off. The pigments do not soak through the shell. The eggs can be packed immediately after marking without the imprints smearing.

Stamp material: rubber, metal or special photopolymer.

Stamp pad material: Felt plate pads or Coloris pads are recommended. Felt or foam rubber rollers could also be used with limitations.
In the case of automatic stamping machines, systems with an ink reservoir are preferred.

Thinner 460.

Available immediately.