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These terms and conditions refer to physical persons and legal entities, which buy the offered GOODS for the purposes, which are not directly connected with their business activities.


Natural and legal persons purchasing GOODS for the purpose of disposing of them to other persons in return of any kind of remuneration, are not, as defined in the Consumer Rights Protection Law, deemed to be a consumer; consequently these TERMS AND CONDITIONS are applicable to the said persons and are construed considering the fact that such persons do not constitute a consumer.


1.                   SUBJECT-MATTER OF AGREEMENT

1.1.             The PURCHASER orders and pays, but CONTRACTOR produces and supplies the goods offered by internet shop, hereinafter – the GOODS, according to the PURCHASER‘s made electronic order.

1.2.             Ordering of GOODS, payment for them, their production, supply and other issues are subject to these terms and conditions and the legislative acts of the Republic of Latvia being effective at the moment of placing the order.



2.1.             Only registered PURCHASERS are entitled to place orders. The data requested must be entered upon first-time registration. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Upon successful registration, the PURCHASER’S account is activated. To confirm a successful registration the CONTRACTOR will send the PURCHASER an e-mail. Orders are placed by the PURCHASER by selecting goods from the catalogue.

2.2.             The PURCHASER, having pushed the button “Confirm and submit order”, has made the order, as well as confirms that he has got acquainted with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and agree to them.

PS. The PURCHASER’s and CONTRACTOR’S relationship is that of the civil nature, and the agreement is signed with concluding activities (see clauses 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4, as well as clause 2.5).

2.3.             The CONTRACTOR, upon receipt of the PURCHASER’s electronic order, no longer than within one hour’s time shall send to the PURCHASER’s indicated e-mail address an order confirmation. The CONTRACTOR shall indicate in the order confirmation what order has been made by the PURCHASER.

2.4.             Within an hour’s time from sending the order confirmation, the CONTRACTOR shall send the PURCHASER an invoice for payment.

2.5.             If the CONTRACTOR receives information that the order confirmation has not reached the recipient (incorrect or non-existing e-mail address), then the order is considered as not made and is not executed.

PS. If the PURCHASER has not received the order confirmation, then please inform about it the CONTRACTOR  by sending an e-mail to: iveikals@rzf.lv.

2.6.             The terms indicated in 2.3 and 2.4 refer to orders, which have been made until 17:00 of the working day. The orders received after 17:00 are considered as made at 09:00 of the next working day and considering this, the respective order confirmations and invoices are sent.

2.7.             The term for production of the specific GOODS is indicated at the information on the respective GOODS.

PS. Clients can see the GOODS and their characteristics (price, time of production, use, etc.) by pushing the button of name or picture of the respective GOODS.

2.8.             The PURCHASER until 17:00 of that day when he has made the order (clauses 2.2 and 2.6), may cancel his order by sending an e-mail to the CONTRACTOR at: iveikals@rzf.lv where he indicates the order confirmation number with the text “I cancel the order No. .....”.

2.9.             The CONTRACTOR is entitled to request additional information from the PURCHASER, which he considers as necessary for making the order. If the PURCHASER does not submit such information, then the CONTRACTOR postpones placing of the order until the moment when the required information is provided by the PURCHASER.


3.                   SUPPLY OF GOODS

3.1.             If the PURCHASER, when completing the order, has marked the shipping method “Receiving personally in RZF shop in Riga, 11 Merkela Street”, then the PURCHASER may receive the produced GOODS in the CONTRACTOR’S shop in Riga, 11 Merķeļa Street, from Monday to Thursday from 09:00-18:00, on Fridays from 09:00-17:00.

3.2.             The delivery and acceptance of the GOODS is performed by signing a waybill-invoice.

3.3.             If the PURCHASER, when completing the order, has marked the shipping method “Shipment (Latvia): 1 working day”, then the CONTRACTOR shall supply the GOODS to the PURCHASER’s indicated address by “Express Mail” of Latvian Post on the next working day after expiry of the term for production of GOODS.

3.4.             If the PURCHASER, when completing the order, has marked the shipping method “Shipment (Lithuania, Estonia): 2 working days”, then the CONTRACTOR shall supply the GOODS to the PURCHASER’s indicated address by “Baltic Express” of Latvian Post in two working days’ time after expiry of the term for production of GOODS.

3.5.             In addition to the price of GOODS the PURCHASER shall pay for its supply to the indicated address. The charge for supply of GOODS within the territory of Latvia Republic is LVL 3.41 (three lats fourty one santim) + value added tax 21% (twenty one per cent). The charge for supply of GOODS to Lithuania Republic or Estonia Republic is LVL 7.00 (seven lats zero santims) + value added tax 21% (twenty one per cent).


4.                   PAYMENTS FOR ORDERS

4.1.             The PURCHASER can pay for the order in cash by marking the field “Cash on Delivery” if the shipping address is in the territory of Latvia Republic, or by bank transfer to the indicated CONTRACTOR’S bank account by marking “Invoice”.

4.2.             The PURCHASER can pay for the order in cash withdrawing the GOODS personally in the CONTRACTOR'S shop.

4.3.             If payment is made by bank transfer, the PURCHASER shall make the payment for GOODS within 1 day after receipt of the invoice.


5.                   OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS

5.1.             Mutual relationship between the Parties, which are not specified in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, shall be regulated by legal enactments being in force in the Republic of Latvia at the time of executing the order, especially regarding Consumer Rights Protection Law, Information Society Law and Civil Law.

5.2.             If the PURCHASER delays payment for GOODS (clause 4.3), then the PURCHASER shall pay a contractual penalty to the CONTRACTOR in the amount of 0.1% (zero point one) of the value of GOODS per each late day.

5.3.             If the CONTRACTOR is late with supply of GOODS (clause 3.2), then the CONTRACTOR shall pay a contractual penalty to the PURCHASER in the amount of 0.1% (zero point one) of the value of GOODS per each late day.

5.4.             The Parties are relieved from liability for full or partial non-performance of their liabilities if such non-performance has occurred due to force majeure circumstances after the date of placing the order as a disaster or accident, which was impossible to be forecasted or avoided. Such force majeure include events, which are beyond the control and liability of the Parties (nature catastrophes, flood, fire, earthquake and other nature disasters, as well as war and warlike activities, strikes, adoption of new legal enactments and other circumstances which are beyond the control of the Parties), but especially any disturbances in the server and information system operation (disturbances in electricity supply, damage to cables, computer viruses, etc.). Force majeure shall be proved by the Party, to which it refers.

5.5.             All mutual disagreements shall be solved by the Parties in negotiations, but if they are not settled in negotiations, then the disagreements are solved in the court of the Republic of Latvia according to the legal enactments of the Republic of Latvia.